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Solicitation Title:
Bus Parts - Misc
Solicitation Number:
Brief Description:
Solicitation for Bus Parts.
Bidder must provide best price and lead time. The Orange County Transportation Authority (Authority) will award to the lowest responsive, responsible Bidder with available inventory. Award of items identified on the solicitation may be split between Bidders based upon overall benefit to the Authority. All freight costs and/or delivery costs must be included in Bidder’s price. Brand name and model number, when used, are for the purposes of identifying a standard of requirement. Bidder must state manufacturer’s name, manufacturer’s warranty and number in the comment column. If not stated, line item may be found non-responsive. If bidding a brand other than requested, it must be an Authority approved equal prior to bidding. An Authority approved equal may be entered on the bid and identified as such. To obtain approved equal status, item must be pre-approved by going through the approved equal process and providing fully supported technical data attached to an Approved Equal Form. Once the Authority has reviewed and tested the data, and if the item is accepted as an approved equal, Bidder may bid using that item in future solicitations. The burden of proof as to the equality, substitutability, and compatibility of proposed alternates or equals shall be upon the Bidder, who shall furnish all necessary information at no cost to the Authority. Authority shall be the sole judge as to the equality, substitutability, and compatibility of proposed alternates or equals. Bidder shall, in addition to its separate warranties and obligations, provide a pass-through genuine new parts manufacturer and/or supplied parts warranty. Bidder shall be responsible for both separate and pass-through warranties. Failure to comply with the stated warranty requirements will result in returned merchandise at Bidder’s expense. Authority reserves the right to request a copy of Bidder’s Letter of Authorized Distributorship. Non-approved suppliers may be deemed non-responsive. An emailed purchase order will follow award. Vendor must reply to the Buyer’s request, “Please confirm receipt of this order” for the purchase order within twenty-four hours. Bidder must comply with Guaranteed Delivery due date as specified for each line item awarded. Failure to meet these requirements may result in cancellation of the purchase order and/or re-procurement charges.

Date Posted:
10/16/2020 12:00:00 AM
Closing Date:
10/19/2020 12:00:00 AM (PST)
Contract Administrator:
Arlene Terry
Phone Number:
(714) 560-5650

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