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OCTA Outreach Calendar

Use the OCTA Outreach Calendar below to find out about upcoming vendor outreach events such as the Meet the Contract Administrator/Buyer program. To register for an event, scroll through the list and click on the event title and then the registration or email link.

For general information about the various outreach programs, see below.


The “Meet The Contract Administrator/Buyer” Program is a tool to provide vendors online communication with OCTA procurement staff through the Contracts Administration and Materials Management (CAMM) department. The program offers one-on-one training on how to do business with OCTA highlighting the many resources on CAMM Net including vendor training videos, online networking opportunities, upcoming workshops and conferences, reference materials and our DBE Program. The vendor may also discuss their company’s products and services with OCTA and how to maximize their opportunities.

For more information, use the Outreach Calendar above to locate an upcoming event and click on the event email link.


CAMMNET CONNECT is OCTA’s online tool for firms to build business and partnering relationships with other firms interested in OCTA business opportunities.

Each wall post on the CAMMNET CONNECT Facebook page is directly related to an OCTA solicitation opportunity posted on the CAMM NET Website. You can network with other firms interested in a particular solicitation by commenting on its CAMMNET CONNECT wall post.

To access CAMMNET CONNECT, click on the CAMMNET CONNECT Facebook icon link listed on the left of this page.


CAMM NET's Planholder’s List Report feature makes it easy for Prime and Subcontractors to connect and develop partnering relationships for OCTA projects.

All companies are required to complete a brief survey when downloading formal Invitation for Bids or Request for Proposals packages. The survey asks if they are planning on participating in submitting a bid or proposal as a prime or a subcontractor. Depending on their answer, they are provided an opportunity to indicate the services they either need or can provide and their contact information.

Data captured from the vendor’s profile and their answers to the download survey questions are used to create an online printable and searchable Planholder's List Report. Vendors can also choose to receive update emails daily notifying them of any changes to the Planholder’s List Report.

The Planholder’s List Report can be filtered and either downloaded as a .csv file or printed from a printer friendly html page. Companies can also search for closed solicitation Planholder’s List Reports to help them start the teaming process well in advance of the next posted solicitation.

Download the Planholder’s List Report Guide to learn more about this useful tool.


OCTA periodically hosts Small Business Workshops focused on equipping small businesses with the information and tools necessary to successfully participate in the public procurement process. These workshops are also a good networking opportunity for small business owners

To view past event presentations and material, click on the Reference MATERIALS icon link listed on the left of this page.


OCTA participates by staffing an exhibitor booth at highly attended events throughout the year such as the CalCon (California Construction) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory Expos. These expos provide information about OCTA and its services. CAMM staff is eager to answer questions and guide new and existing vendors through the procurement process.

To view past event presentations and material, click on the Reference MATERIALS icon link listed on the left of this page.


The Authority participates in various local business associations. The Business Relations Administrator participates in these groups' networking events, which builds relationships and strengthen OCTA's standing in the business community.

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