What is CAMM?
CAMM is the Contracts Administration and Materials Management Department within OCTA. CAMM is responsible for the purchase and sale of all goods and services at OCTA. All correspondence and negotiations of a contractual nature with vendors, suppliers and contractors are coordinated through and conducted by CAMM.
What is OCTA?
Click on to learn more about Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).
What services does OCTA provide?
The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is a multi-modal transportation agency serving Orange County. To find out more about OCTA, click on the link below:
What is CAMM NET?
CAMM NET is the web-enabled procurement system initiated by OCTA to bring the procurement process on-line; to increase competition in its solicitations; and to develop a more accurate vendor database.
What goods and services does OCTA buy?
OCTA contracts for the purchase of goods and services necessary to sustain its operation. This is everything from office supplies, buses, bus parts, automobiles and trucks, shop equipment and supplies, consultant services to construction work. OCTA's commodity code list provides a broad range of goods and services we buy.
What is a Letter Amendment and when is it used?
Letter amendments are used to make changes to staffing, extend the contract term or exercise an option term. This method is not used when the change is for changes in key personnel, scope of work or and increases to the maximum payment obligation. The effective date of the Letter Amendment may be up to 60 calendar days prior to executing the amendment.
Can I download OCTA's Procurement Policy Manual?
Yes. OCTA's Procurement Policy Manual posted March 7, 2016, can be downloaded here or from either the Reference Materials or Doing Business with OCTA pages.

Registering with OCTA / CAMM NET

Do I have to be a registered vendor before I can bid on an OCTA solicitation?
Yes, you must be a registered vendor in OCTA's CAMM NET to obtain specific information regarding solicitations, receive addenda, and submit bids. You do not have to register in OCTA's database to view open solicitations, receive information about upcoming events, obtain Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification information or a DBE directory, view FAQs, and read OCTA's terms and conditions.
How do I let you know that my firm would like to be considered as a supplier?
If you would like to be considered as a supplier by OCTA, register your company on CAMM NET. Click any of the "Register" or "Register Now" buttons and follow the simple instructions which will guide you through the vendor registration process. Once registered, vendors receive solicitation emails, are able to download documents, and submit online bids depending on the type of the solicitation.

To register, click the following link:

Solicitation emails are sent based on the commodity codes selected in the vendor's CAMM NET profile. It is the responsibility of the vendor to keep its business profile updated within the CAMM NET system.
What is a Vendor Profile?
A Vendor Profile is information provided by companies when they register with CAMM NET, which identifies their business name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address. It also describes their business type, ownership information as well as the commodity or services they perform. Companies register and create a Vendor Profile in OCTA's database to obtain specific information regarding solicitations, receiving addenda and submitting bids.
Is there information available to assist vendors in registering on CAMM NET?
The CAMM NET Reference Materials page has materials and documents available for download.
What if I have more than one sales office?
The vendor registration allows you to identify the address for only one corporate office and another for a mailing address, if it is a different location.

Managing your Vendor Profile

What is a commodity code?
A commodity code is a classification system that identifies, by categories, the primary services or products offered by a company.
How do I choose commodities for my Vendor Profile?
Start with the categorical tables that list all the commodities within that topic. Choose a category or categories that describes what you sell. Then select the commodities which best describe the goods and services you provide.
How do I change my password?
To change your password, Click Here, and enter your Federal Tax ID Number, you will be prompted to enter your security question and if successful, you will be able to enter a new password.
What do I do if I can't remember my password?
If you cannot remember your password, Click Here, and enter your Federal Tax ID Number. You will be prompted to enter your security question and if successful, you will be able to enter a new password.
What is a Security Question/Answer?
A Security Question/Answer is a question and answer that you provide as part of the vendor registration which is specifically unique to you and your password. The Secuity Answer is a way to verify who you are when you are using the Forgotten Login process. The Security Answer is case sensitive and should be a statement that would not be available or known to others outside of your company. Its purpose is to protect you from someone else accessing your vendor profile.
I have registered on CAMM NET. However, I have not received any bid notices? Why?
Solicitation notices will be sent via e-mail to vendors whose commodity codes match the solicitation's associated commodity or service codes. If you are registered, but haven't received any bid notices, the Authority has not issued any solicitations with your commodity codes. To update your profile's commodity listing, login and select Edit Profile from the registration status dropdown at the top of any CAMM NET page.
What is a solicitation?
A solicitation is the request or invitation by OCTA to vendors registered within a specific commodity code(s) asking them to submit a bid/offer to perform a particular work or service.
Will OCTA post all solicitations on the CAMM NET?
Yes, all solicitations will be posted on CAMM NET. Only procurements whose dollar values are $50,000 or less will be available for online bidding. Procurements over $50,000 will be posted here on CAMM NET and solicitation documents will be available to download.
How do I know when a solicitation is posted on CAMM NET?
Solicitations are posted on CAMM NET and vendors whose commodity codes match the solicitation's associated commodity or service, will be automatically notified by e-mail of the posting.
Can I change my quote/bid once I've submitted it?
Yes, you may change your quote/bid and resubmit it as often as you wish prior to the closing deadline stated on the solicitation. Once the closing date and time occurs, the last bid you submitted will be locked in the system and can only be retrieved by the Contract Administrator upon opening quotes/bids.
How can I obtain a copy of an RFP?
To obtain a copy of an RFP, register on CAMM NET and then you will be able to download it.
How do I obtain an addendum to the solicitation package?
Addenda notices to solicitations are sent via e-mail to all registered companies whose vendor profile includes commodity codes applicable to the solicitation.
If I am not awarded a procurement and want to know who won the award, how can I get this information?
OCTA will post in CAMM NET information regarding the company that was awarded the contract or purchase order. In addition, you will be able to view the award price. Recent awards are shown in the Awards section of CAMM NET. Click on the Awards icon at the top of any CAMM NET page to view recent awards.
What is the estimated procurement lead time for an RFP?
Acquisition time varies with the complexity and dollar value of the expected contract. Generally, it takes approximately 4 months to award a contract once it is advertised.
Does OCTA disclose the budget in the RFP?
Budget information is sometimes, but not always provided in the RFP and in the IFB.
Does OCTA provide a breakdown of the engineers construction cost estimates?
OCTA does not provide a breakdown of the construction cost estimates. We provide the engineers estimate of the total cost in the RFP.
How are the weights for the evaluation criterion established?
The determination of the weights for each evaluation criterion is on a case by case basis for each project. Prior to the release of the RFP, the Project Manager and Contract Administrator will determine which criterion is more/less significant and then assign the proper weight to each.
Can I get a phone list of the Contract Administrators in CAMM?
A Phone list of CAMM Contract Administrators and Buyers can be found by clicking on the Contact Us icon at the top of any CAMM NET page.
What do we need to do to improve our chances of submitting a successful bid?
Attend pre-proposals/pre-bid conferences and public bid openings. Thoroughly review the IFB/RFP requirements, submit your bid or proposal on time, and request debriefings.
Can I obtain a copy of the winning proposal(s) submitted for an RFP?
Winning proposals are public documents and must be requested from the Clerk of the Board's office. Please use the following link to make a Public records request:
Do construction projects use "prevailing wage"?
Construction projects do have prevailing wage requirements.
What will be the benefits to OCTA and vendors using CAMM NET?
Both OCTA and vendors will save time, money and paperwork by using CAMM NET. Vendors will be able to access the system at their convenience, making OCTA's procurement process a 24-hour operation.
Is there a phone number or fax I can contact for help?
OCTA has made every effort to make this online procurement system as user friendly as possible. For additional questions regarding CAMM NET, please call (714) 560-5922 or e-mail us at
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